Tuesday, November 30, 2010

where have I been?

Hi everyone. Time for a change. I have been ridiculously busy the past week or so moving into a new studio space. Yup! I have a new workshop / studio / gallery space that I will be unveiling within the next couple weeks. I will be sharing this space with a local artist that does amazing work and will have plenty of room to restore and show my new pieces. Along with my furniture, his paintings will be displayed and up for grabs as well.

Through all of this chaos, I have been still traveling and seeking out new pieces, so stay tuned for all of my new findings. I am also going to be displaying a lot of smalls here as well to include: Glassware, pottery, clocks, lamps, and everything else.

I hope to organize an opening sometime in January but, until then I will still be posting new pieces here so stay tuned. -circa